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Essence Cookies & Cream


Hi lovies! Essence came out with a new trend edition not so long ago, called Cookies & Cream. This limited edition collection is inspired by delicious sweetness and therefore there are lots of neutral toned shades such as vanilla, caramel, apricot,... to be found in this collection. Aside from Me & My Icecream, this is one of my favorite trend editions from Essence. The only thing I was quite disappointed with was the packaging. They had such a great concept but packaging-wise they didn't do that much with it. They just put 'Cookies & Cream' on the packaging and that's it. In my opinion they could've done soooo much more!

In this collection there are 3 neutral toned baked eyeshadows. When I first swatched them in store I was so happy with their pigmentation that I bought all 3 shades! The quality is very nice and they feel kind of silky and apply very soft and creamy. Most of the eyeshadows from Essence's trend editions are a bit chalky but these ones aren't.

These baked shadows don't crease and they didn't have any fall-out either. Also, they're super easy to blend and create gorgeous eyeshadow looks with.

Essence Cookies & Cream Baked Eyeshadow €2,89 (1,5g).

03 Last Night A Cookie Saved My Life! / 01 So Hot, Donut! / 02 Macaron, C'est Bon!

There are 2 Jumbo Eyepencils in this collection, a brown and a taupe shade. Again, I got both of them because I was rather impressed with their quality. They're smooth and soft and pigmented. I got the taupe shade to apply in my waterline and the brown one to use as an upper-lash eyeliner and they work perfect for that.

Essence Cookies & Cream Jumbo Eye pencils €1,99 (2,1g) each.

02 Yummy, Yummy! / 01 Last Night A Cookie Saved My Life

The blush in this collection is called Cakepop, That's Top! and it's a gorgeous light pink/apricot shade. It's beautifully pigmented and it adds the nicest glow and pop of color to the cheeks. It doesn't fade away that much during the day and it's absolutely stunning!

Essence Cookies & Cream Baked Blush €2,99 (3,5g).

01 Cakepop, That's Top!

The last thing I got from this trend edition is a lipgloss in the shade Macaron, C'est Bon!. It's a lipgloss with a rather large dough-foot applicator and a flexible brush. I really like this gloss since it's very natural looking and it adds a nice shininess to my lips with its golden shimmer. It's also non-sticky which is a must for me! This gloss has a subtle and sweet scent, but it's not noticeable on the lips.

Essence Cookies & Cream lipgloss €1,99 (5ml).

01 Macaron, C'est Bon!

Essence Cookies & Cream trend edition is available at Essence counters from April till May. If you happen to walk by an Essence stand, definitely check it out!

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