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New Essence Smokey Eyes Set


Hi guys! So as many of you may know, Essence has been adding a few new items to their permanent line. I already tried a few of those new things and so far I have been loving them all! This Smokey eyes set is no exception! For only €2,89 you get 3 beautiful eyeshadow shades, perfect for creating a gorgeous smokey eye. Not only is this little trio budget-friendly, the quality is amazing! I was so surprised when I swatched this in store so of course I had to take it home with me.

The new Smokey Eyes Sets come in 2 different shades: 01 Smokey Night (different shades of grey) and 02 Smokey Day which is the one I picked up. Being the huge neutral tone lover that's no surprise of course. This palette is super compact, perfect to throw in your bag. The packaging is elegant and simple and it doesn't feel cheap which some of Essence's products sometimes feel like.

Smokey Day comes with 3 wearable neutral/brown shades, prefect to create a beautiful smokey eye. As you can see by the looking at the swatches below, these shadows are SUPER pigmented. They don't feel chalky or anything and they apply ever so easily. I love all 3 shades but the middle grey/brown one is definitely my fave!! These eyeshadows wore well throughout the day without creasing. I did have some fall-out while I was applying them, so do keep that in mind and maybe use a tissue :)

Essence Smokey Eyes Set is now available at any Essence counter and costs €2,89 (3,9g). This little palette is perfect for traveling since you have every shade to make a beautiful smokey eye. I'm in love with these shadows and I can't recommend this enough, especially since it's low-budget!

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