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Hourglass Ambient Lighting Blushes


Hi loves! Today I have two blushes form the brand Hourglass to show you! It's the first time I reviewed this brand for you guys and let me tell you: I love this brand! Hourglass is famous for their 'ambient light' powders and now they added a few new blushes to their permanent collection! There are 6 different shades available and I got my hands on two of them.

The packaging of these blushes is typical Hourglass, a classic golden case with the brand's logo written on top. I love gold packaging, it looks so chic and luxurious! The only downside of this color is that you can easily see fingerprints but hey, I can live with that! Also, the print on these blushes is amazing! I get so exited when I look at it, sooo pretty :)

'Radiant Magenta'
Radiant Magenta is my favorite out of these two. It's a light to medium fuchsia with golden shimmer. Actually both of these look a lot the same once applied on the cheeks, Diffused Heat is just a little bit lighter but with more shimmer.

'Diffused Heat'
Diffused Heat is a soft pink with peachy undertones and a more luminous look and finish. It has a little bit more shimmer then Radiant Magenta.

Both of these have the same quality and they both apply and blend like a dream. They're light to medium warm-toned shades. The formula is amazing, adding a healthy luminous glow to the face, and doing that the entire day.

Swatches: Radiant Magenta / Diffused Heat
Wearing 'Radiant Magenta' on my cheeks
I think Hourglass did a great job on these blushes! The quality is superbe and the colors look lovely on the skin, very universal and flattering on every skin tone. I love how they add a luminous and dewy finish and they how they go with every makeup look. 

Hourglass Ambient Lighting Blushes $35 (4,2g) available on Sephora.com.

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