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Flower Lip Service Lip Butter


Lip balms are probably my favorite makeup items. Whenever I'm in a store and I look at all the makeup stands, you can bet I will reach towards the lip balms. I don't know why, they're just my weakness... So while I was on vacation in the USA and I visited a Walmart store, in particularly the Flower (by Drew Barrymore) stand, I immediately grabbed this lip butter. Aside from my addiction to lip butters and lip balms, the packaging appealed to me so much. I mean, who could resist such an adorable packaging? Not me!

I have to admit that the packaging is a bit bulky and maybe not the most ideal to throw into your purse. Nonetheless I think Drew did a great job design-wise, it looks great on my vanity. The Lip Service Lip Butters are available in 9 different shades, from berry to nude to pink. Flower is exclusively available at Walmart which is a huge bummer because I love this line!

I picked up the color Princess & The Peony is an elegant rosy shade that has a shiny, sheer finish. Normally lip butters, since they have a shiny finish, aren't so pigmented but that's not the case here with these. They have an amazing pigmentation, and the color is quite intense. This lip butter has a subtle floral scent, but it's not noticeable on the lips. They apply a bit sheer but you can easily build up the intensity, creating a more opaque lip. This one didn't transfer, even after I had tea it was still on my lips. Now I really regret that I only bought one, bloody lovin' these!!

These lip butters are incredible, they're long wearing (for a lip butter) and make my lips feel super soft and hydrated. I love Drew Barrymore and I think she did a great thing by launching her own makeup line, adore it!! The Lip Service Lip Butters cost $6,98 (3g) and are exclusively available at Walmart.

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