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Essence All About Nude Eyeshadow


There are some new things at our drugstores! Essence and Catrice, who are bought owned by the same company, always change up their permanent line this time of year. They come out with a few new items and discontinue some of their old stuff. This little palette is one of those new products from Essence. And since I can't resist yet another nude palette, here are my thoughts about these eyeshadows!

I think the combination of these colors is absolutely perfect. You can use them all to create a beautiful eye look and you can find both matte and shimmery shades. This design of this palette is simple and chic without those annoying little brushes.

As you can see in the picture below, the swatches are super pigmented and intense. The colors are easy to work with and the two darkest colors are perfect for creasing. I did experience a little bit of fall-out but the eyeshadows didn't crease throughout the day.

The only thing I would have a critic on is that by the end of the day, the colors look less intense. Sure, your eyelids still look sparkly and you can see that you're wearing eyeshadows, but the colors start looking a bit the same.

Essence All About Nude is now available at Kruidvat and costs €3,59 (8,5g). I think it's the perfect palette for beginners but it's even fun and great for people who are already into makeup. The pigmentation is amazing and I can only say good things about this palette!

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