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Vaseline Paint The Town Limited Edition Red Lip Tint


Back in September, Vaseline released their third limited edition lip tin called Paint The Town red. No matter how much (tinted) lip balms I own, Vaseline will always be my go-to whenever my lips are super dry and chapped. And so I was very happy when someone I know went to the UK and I could get my hands on this! This red lip tint is as good as a regular Vaseline but with that touch of red and a subtle berry scent. Perfect to quickly trow in your bag and even more perfect to keep as a collectors item. Who could resist this cute little packaging anyway?? 

Vaseline Paint The Town red lip tint is a limited edition lip tint and it's available at Selfridges, Boots and Superdrug. Maybe in a few other drugstores as well but I haven't spotted this one here in our drugstores yet.. It was about £3,50.

Have you seen this in your drugstore? How do you feel about tinted lip balms?

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