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Rimmel Brixton Brown Glam'Eyes HD Eye Shadow


Rimmel has been adding a lot of new items to their range and so far they have impressed me. One of those items was this little eyeshadow palette. I picked up Brixton Brown to try it out and see if it can also impress me :)

This palette comes with 5 eye shadow shades and being the huge brown/neutral lover you can imagine how much I love these colors. The only 'more daring' shade is the one in the middle which is a red/brown, almost cranberry shade. The one on the top right is perfect as a highlight shadow. It also comes with a little dual ended eyeshadow brush, which to be honest, I would never use. 

I am so happy that even this surprised me positively. For a drugstore eyeshadow palette this is quite impressive. The shades are perfect to make an eye-look and they look amazing together. The texture is not too powdery or creamy, it's the perfect formula. Ok, the pigmentation isn't impressive but I quite like it. I didn't have any creasing or fall-out with these shadows either. The ONLY downside is that there are no matte shades in this palette. I don't have a problem with that since I have a million other shadows that I can use but for beginners or people that don't have any matte shades I can imagine this being a bummer.

Swatches of Brixton Brown

Brixton Brown is one of the more neutral and basic eyeshadow palettes from this range. I really love these shadows, they look super pretty once applied to the lid, better then they do swatched. 

Brixton Brown is available at the drugstore or on the asos webshop for €9,50 and contains 3,8g of product.

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