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On My Nails Today


Hey loves! I got this nail polish by Maybelline in the Deauty box last month and tried it out for the first time today. It's called Lights Out and it's from their Color Show range. It's a very unique shade, something I didn't own before. The color changes depending on how the lighting is. Sometimes it almost looks black and other times it looks grey-ish. It has a beautiful golden/purple shimmer but that's not always noticeable. It applies easy and looked opaque even after one coat. I used two in the picture above (I always do). It does need a top coat to add that extra shininess and started chipping after about 2 days. 

The nail polish itself is amazing, just not really the biggest fan of the color :) 
Maybelline Color Show nail polish in 'Lights Out' €3,99 (7ml)


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