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Lorac Platinum Status


Hey lovies! I got this palette a few months ago and I have putting this post of for so long. The reason being that this palette sucks.. It was the first item I ever tried from Lorac and I had such high hopes but man this was a disappointment!

First of all the packaging is really simple, not even the brand's name or something on this palette.. I mean, I love the design but if I throw away the packaging there's no indication from which brand this palette was.. 

So first of all, the swatches (see pictures below) looked so promising! The shadows look super pigmented and intense and beautiful! I was so happy after swatching this and I couldn't wait to try it out! But then when I was applying this onto my eyelids I got so disappointed. The shadows were chalky and powdery and they didn't have a lot of color pay-off AT ALL. I mean, if you like very natural looks this would be perfect for you but then you could also go for a drugstore palette. And let's be honest, even the drugstore has better eyeshadow palettes then this. Such a bummer!

I still have the Lorac PRO palette to try out and I hope it will be winner because this wasn't.. Luckily it wasn't that expensive, it was $12 and it contains 9,4g.

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