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It by Alexa Chung


Good morning loves! I got a new book in the mail this weekend! I have wanted this book for a while now and when I was in Amsterdam I even hesitated to buy it. But I didn't and have regretted that decision ever since. But then my mom said she was going to order something of off bol.com and I thought it was the perfect opportunity to finally buy It by Alexa Chung that I have wanted for so long now. The cover is hard and in some sort of pink fabric. Not only is the inside good but this would look amazing as a coffee table book as well. The inside is good, but not fenominal. I read this in about an hour and it's very well written but I had expected more. It's more a scrapbook of little girl's inspiration. Don't get me wrong, I enjoyed reading it and looking at the beautiful pictures, I just.. I don't know, I just expected a bit more story and background. Nonetheless, it's definitely worth buying and I'm happy I got it :)

It by Alexa Chung €26,99 (available here)


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