Inspirations + Update!

26 januari 2014 | 6 comments

Hi my loves! It's been a while since I put a more personal post on my blog. Mostly because I don't really like sharing parts of my life and also because I think you guys wouldn't care that much about it. But I felt the need to write to you and fill you in on what's been going on in my life. I was thinking about this a few days ago and I thought to myself that you guys don't know that much about me. In fact, I never share personal facts about myself. So I wanted to start off by telling you guys a few things about me. First of all, I want to start off by saying that I am a positive person and always try to see the good in every situation. Also, I am someone who likes everything to be planned and I like to know where I'm going with my life. I also like (and need) structure in my life, that has always been very important to me. 

But lately I feel like everything is crumbling down. I don't want to continue the studies I'm doing right now, which is communicational science at the University of Ghent. But if I switched to another major that would mean that I just wasted 1,5 years of my life. It also kind of feels like I'm giving up, as if I'm quitting. It would also mean that I would have to be in Ghent more often (more classes) and that I would let my parents down. But if nothing was holding me back, I would definitely switch, without a doubt. So that's what's been on my mind a lot these days. I'm very grateful that I get the opportunity to study because that's not as self-evident as sometimes looks. The problem is, if I switch I don't think my parents would support me anymore, I just don't know.. I have one more exam on wednesday and after that I have to wait until I get my results and then make my decision. I know this may sound as if I'm complaining and I know there are much worse things in life then my little problem, but I just wanted to fill you guys in, and maybe get your opinion?

Also, I have so much on my plate right now and sometimes I find it hard to balance my time. I have so many friends who I love but they're not all from the same group of friends so that takes up a lot of time, there's also my boyfriend (who I've been dating for 2 months today). And then my parents are separated (don't worry, they have been all my life) but that means I have to divide my time between them as well. On top of that, I have to study my ass off and it's just all catching up to me. I have been putting blogging on the bottom of my priority list lately but I promise I'll get back into it! 

On a different note, in about 5 days I'm chilling on a plane on my way to Orlando! I'm so exited for this much needed break! I will try and maybe vlog while I'm there? I have never done it before but thought I would give it try? What do you think?

Thanks for listening (reading) to all my whining! :)


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  1. Leuke inspiratie ! Ben erg benieuwd naar vlogs, super idee ! x

  2. Definitely vlog, I always enjoy vlogs, especially of places I've never been to.
    I honestly hope everything resolves itself and you make the right decision for yourself. I've also found myself in situations where I'm scared to do something due to what my parents would think, but in the end I went with I wanted and my parents were there to support me.
    Crossing my fingers everything works out for you and can't wait to see new posts from you, because I love your blog.

  3. Knap dat je die stap gaat nemen! Lijkt me erg lastig. Neem je tijd en denk aan jezelf!

  4. Ik snap wat je voelt ivm met je studierichting. Heb hetzelfde meegemaakt. Ik had er 1,5 jaar taal- en letterkunde opzitten en oke 1,5 verspild voor moest ik veranderen maar ik ben zo enorm blij dat ik het gedaan heb. Het is een beslissing waar ik nog geen dag spijt van heb. En je moet die 1,5j niet als verspilling zien maar als ervaring. Je hebt er zeker en vast heel wat opgestoken en bijgeleerd. Dat voelde ik toch :) Mijn ouders waren natuurlijk niet echt enthousiast want voor hen was die 1,5 jaar natuurlijk wel een verspilling van hun geld. Ik kreeg nog een laatste kans en die heb ik volledig gegrepen. Praat er gewoon eens rustig met hen over en denk vooral wat jij echt wil. Want tegen je zin in die richting blijven is nu ook niet meteen goed. :) Zo ik hoop dat je iets hebt aan mijn 'raad' :) En btw.. zeker vloggen!

  5. I lke personal blogs,
    let me tell you my story, maybe you get inspiration or somethinge from it :)
    I went on UNI, tried my best, but I was not happy, even when I was 100% sure, that I have chosen the right subject. I just didnt like that particular UNI, the city, the people, I was very unhappy. But I tried to finish my bachelor degree, tried to please everyone, I was afraid to tell my parents etc. It just did not work out. Then I start to thinking, what am I gonna do? 3 years gone for no good reason maybe. Maybe yes maybe not, I have learn so much stuff, and first of all, that I am the one person in my life, that needs to be happy. I sent applycation to new UNI, now I am here, happy, loving my school, new city, new people, I even get to see my old friend more often because we are in the same city now.
    So my advice, If you want something to do, then do it.Life is about finding yourself, and maybe you should talk to your parents and tell them what would you like to do, and hear what they think about the situation :)

  6. Ik vind het erg moeilijk om je raad te geven, aangezien ik je niet ken en de hele situatie niet weet. In welk jaar zit je aan de unief? In elk geval veel plezier op reis en probeer daar alles zo goed mogelijk voor jezelf op een rijtje te zetten!