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Get Your Passport & Your Bikini


Hi loves! I don't have a ton of time to write this post because I have to leave in like 5 minutes. I wanted to quickly fill you guys in and let you know that I decided to go with what I want and switch to another major. Thank you so much for all the comments and opinions, it really helped to hear what your thoughts were and to hear that there are others who were in the same situation. Yesterday I had my last exam but it didn't really go as good as I had hoped, mostly because I wasn't motivated anymore. 

Today I spend the entire day packing and preparing to leave on vacation. Our plane takes off tomorrow morning and I can't even wait!!! I will be going to Orlando for 8 days and I decided I to give vlogging a try, I hope it'll work out. I will also try to update my blog as much as I can and keep you posted :) Have a great day!


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