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Bourjois Color Edition 24h Eyeshadow in 'Prune Nocturne' and 'Or Désir'


If you read my post about these new Bourjois Color Edition cream to powder eyeshadows you know how much I loved it. Now I got two more shades and wanted to show you what they look like in case you were interested. You can use these as eyeshadow bases or just as a regular eyeshadow, they're super versatile and practical. For a more in depth review clique on the original post :)

Prune Nocturne is a dark red/purple, almost a rusty brown. It has hints of golden shimmer that are super fine and subtle. The swatch of this eyeshadow stayed on my arm the entire day, even after rubbing and rubbing with soap and water! So it's definitely long lasting!

Or Désir is classic golden shadow with lots of glitter! It's a versatile shade and I think I would be perfect as an eyeshadow base.

Prune Nocturne / Or Désir
I love eyeshadows like this. The pigmentation, intensity, formula,... It's all there :) Bourjois Color Edition 24h eyeshadows cost €11,50 each which isn't super budget-proof but fairly priced for the quality! They should be available at every drugstore that carries Bourjois.

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