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Benefit Rockateur


Hey guys! I have had this blush in my collection for a couple of weeks now and I must say I have used it quite often. Well, not often since I don't have to leave the house most of the time because I'm studying. But when I do apply makeup I grab this one a lot :) It's the new(ish) blush from Benefit called Rockateur.

Now to begin with, this is one of those blushes that would never leave my house. I travel a lot and this is not ideal to bring with you in your makeup bag. The cardboard packaging is rather sturdy but it would look horrible after a while. That's why this one will stay in my collection, never leaving his place :)

Benefit's Box O'Powder blushes always come with a big mirror and an applicator inside. I have seen a lot of people use this little brush to contour but I never use it.

Rockateur is a natural looking blush with lots of shimmer. It has a strong scent that goes away pretty fast once applied to the face. It doesn't really add a lot of color but it does help obtain a healthy, flushed look. I did apply a few layers (about 3-4) to build up the intensity because it is that subtle. I like the finish it has and it stays in place all day long :)

In my opinion this is an amazing blush but it's just not made for everybody. Somebody who likes to add a lot of color to their cheekbones would have to skip this. But if you're a fan of natural makeup looks, this is definitely right up your alley. 

Benefit Box O'Powder in Rockateur is available at Benefit counters or you can order it online. It costs €29,50 and for that you get 5g of product. 

PS: As soon as I find the time I'll be responding to all your comments! :)

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