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Tarte Off The Cuff Cheek Palette


Hey guys! So I know I have been putting a lot of products on my blog that aren't available here in our region and I apologize for that. But I just have so many great products I wanted to share with you and who knows you might be going to the States in the future or you know someone who is going? That's why I do put these posts online. Today is, again, a post about a product that's unfortunately not available for us. It's the limited edition Tarte Off The Cuff blush and bronzer palette.

This palette contains 4 blush shades and one bronzer. Dazzled, Dollface and Park Ave Princes (the classic bronzer) are shades that are part of their permanent line. 

The Amazonian Clay blushes are of the hook! They're one of the best blushes out there along with Nars. They have excellent color pay-off, they look natural on the skin (as long as you don't overdo it) and as they promise, these blushes stay on for hours and hours. I only tried out Crave and Park Ave Princess so far and I'm really happy with the quality!

The cuff that came with this palette is actually super adorable and cute! It's not one of those crappy things you sometimes get with a palette but a decent piece of jewelry that's perfect to pair with your fabulous holiday party dress!

This palette is sold out unfortunately but if by any chance you can get your hands on it, please do so! It's a great palette with some staple colors and the quality is amazing! It contains 4,5g and costs $42.

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