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Sleek Antique Blush


Good morning guys! I woke up early today because I have a lot to do. I have to put up a post which I'm doing right now, prepare for New Year's Eve (do my nails, makeup,...) and study in the meanwhile. I wanted to talk about a blush that would be a great pick for tonight, it's a Sleek blush in Antique.

The packaging is matte black and it's compact, perfect for those of you who have to travel often! It has a big mirror and blush pan on the inside, only thing is, these are so hard to open! 

Sleek's blushes can easily compete with Nars ones because they're so so so pigmented! You really have to work with a light hand when applying this.

Antique is a dusty dark rose with chunks of silver glitter, almost brown. It adds a nice glow to the face and looks fairly natural as long as you don't overdo it. It stays for about 8 hours and after that slowly starts to fade away. If you intend on wearing your makeup longer I would carry this with me to reapply :)

Swatch of Sleek's Antique
Too much light, I know. In real life it was a tad bit darker and more noticeable!
Antique is part of the Vintage Romance Collection and it's limited edition. You can still get it on their website for €5,50 and one blush contains a pan of 8g.

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