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Revlon Parfumerie Scented Nail Enamel


Hi beauties! Revlon came out with a bunch of new scented nail polishes not too long ago and I got my hands on 5 of them! They come in the cutest little bottles and the color selection is really good. Take a look at the ones I got :)

Bordeaux is a classic dark red and it smells like red wine. It applied super evenly and looked opaque after just 2 coats. I didn't use a topcoat on any of these and this one is still shiny enough. It lasted about 3 days before it started chipping.

Spun Sugar is a shimmering metallic light green/golden shade. It smells like that perfume called Angel. It did apply streaky but I guess that's normal for a metallic nail polish. 

Pink Pineapple is a very light pink. It has a pineapple and pina-colada scent. I would have preferred this one to be less sheer though. I used 2 coats but 3 would be better. It started chipping after 2 days.

Wintermint is the nail polish that intrigued me the most from this entire collection. I wanted to buy Deborah Lippmann's Mermaid's Dream for ages now but this looks a lot like it. It has a chocolate mint scent, so yummie! The texture is not too grainy and it applies super easy and even. It also didn't chip for about 5 days, not even one little bit! The smell stayed for about 10 hours :)

Autumn Spice is a dark burgundy color with gold and red shimmer. It smells like gingerbread and chocolate and every fall-related scent! It lasted for about 3 days on my nails.

Overall these are some really good quality and fun nail polishes. They last about 3 days without chipping (some even longer) and the smell stays for about 10-15 hours!

These stunning babies are added to their permanent line & you need to get you some! I know Planet Parfum sells Revlon here in Belgium, but I'm not sure if they have this in their collection. This stuff is amazing :) They cost about $ and contain 11,7ml.


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