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New Covergirl Bombshell Makeup


Good morning loves! Covergirl came out with a limited edition collection called Bombshell not so long ago. I got my hands on 3 of the products and will tell you all about it!

Covergirl Lipstick in 'Ravish Ravir'
The lipstick I got is in the shade Ravish Ravir. It's a light berry shade with a buttery and creamy texture. The finish isn't matte nor is it shiny, it's semi-matte. It's long-lasting, it stays for up to 4 hours, depending on wether or not you eat something or have a few drinks. It doesn't dry out my lips and keeps them hydrated throughout the day :)

Covergirl Bombshell Shineshadow in 'Platinum Club' (5,4ml)
The Bombshell Shineshadows come in 6 different shiny and shimmery shades. The one I got is called Platinum Club. It's a dark grey golden glitter. These cream eyeshadows last all day and they're super easy to blend. You can build up the intensity just as you like it. I like how these cream shadows come in little tubes because it's way more hygienic! 

Covergirl Outlast Stay Brilliant Nail Gloss in 'Diva After Dark'
The nail polish I got is in the color Diva After Dark. It's a dark grey, almost black, with silver and green glitter. It's a very unique color, definitely the first one I own that looks like this! The brush is rather large, which is what I like! I used two coats and it looked fully opaque. It has been on my nails for 2 days now and I don't see any chips so far! This nail gloss contains 11ml of product.

This collection is so fun and worth checking out! If you happen to be in the States go and look for this collection! You can also get it online.

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