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EOS A Touch Of Holiday Delight


Okay, so you know I'm a HUGE sucker for anything christmas related! And when I saw that EOS had some christmas sets I knew I had to put them on my wishlist. And so it was when my mom got back from America that I got these two sets. You can hang both of these sets in your christmas tree and they're perfect as little gifts. 

The first set (left) contains a Berry Blossom hand lotion and Bleuberry Açai lip balm. The hand lotion is super lightweight and smells amazing! It's also the perfect little size to just throw in you bag.

The other set contains three lip balms: Sweet Mint, Pomegranate Raspberry and Vanilla Bean (limited edition).

I own a few of these already and love them so much! I have to admit that they're not the BEST at healing chapped lips but they do a great job moisturizing and smoothing out the lips.

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