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E.l.f. Get The Look Set


Hi guys! E.l.f. came out with a set for the holidays called 'Get The Look'. It has everything you need to make a complete eye-look. I was very curious to see how the products worked since E.l.f. is very hit or miss in my opinion. Take a look :)

This set includes:

It's actually the first time I ever used an eyelash curler so I can't actually compare it to others. What I can say is that I really like it. It does a great job at curling my lashes and I don't think it tears out any lashes so that's good :)

The next thing in this set is an eyeshadow brush. It did have some dust on it, which is strange considering this was in a closed box. So I washed it before using this. It does loose some of its bristles but apart from that this works great. I use this to apply eyeshadow on my eyelid.

The mascara on the other hand wasn't really a winner for me. First of, there's way too much product on the brush. It doesn't lengthen nor does it add a lot of volume. It also clumps my lashes. 

The eyeshadow that came in this set is called Brown. It's a brown/taupe with gold and red shimmer. The pigmentation of this eyeshadow really surprised me! It's velvety and soft and just a beautiful color for the holidays!

The eyeliner is in the color Black and it's just a plain old eyeliner. Nothing special about it. Not the most pigmented either. It didn't stay on my waterline the entire day.

My mom payed $5 for this kit so I think it's great value for your money. If she would've payed more I think I would have been disappointed though. My favorite items are the eyelash curler, eyeshadow brush and eyeshadow. 

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