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Covergirl Shimmering Sands Eye Enhancers


I had heard a lot about this trio from Covergirl through Youtube and blogs. All positive reviews and thoughts so I wanted to check it out. I put it on my shopping list for my mom when she went to the US and now I can finally give my opinion on this gorgeous eyeshadow trio.

Shimmering Sands contains 3 neutral toned and shimmering shadows. Making an eye-look just using these colors is very easy since they all work so well together! It's not the most pigmented ever but it's still very good. They blend easily, also apply the same way and they don't smudge throughout the day. I did experience a little bit of fall-out and I wouldn't wear this for over 10 hours.

This may sound stupid, but I think this is a perfect little palette for a 'wedding-look'. I don't know why but it's so romantic and angelic :)

This is one of the best drugstore trio's I have ever tried! The colors work so well together and it's absolutely stunning. I know they sell Covergirl here in Belgium but I'm not sure if they'll have this specific trio. It was $4,99 and contains 4g. 

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