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Buxom Full-on Lipstick in 'Sydney'


Hi guys! This post is all about my new favorite lipstick, the Buxom full-on lipstick in Sydney. This is honestly the best nude lipstick I ever tried so far!!

This lipstick comes in 'pen' like stick that is twistable. It has a sharp end which you can use to line your lips and then fill them in.

Sydney is THE most amazing nude ever! The definition of 'your lips but better'. Not too orange, not too pink or brown, just perfect. It feels super refreshing on the lips and it also plumps, leaving your lips feeling tingly. Sydney has a matte finish and is long-lasting, it stays on for hours!

I will definitely try and get my hands on some more colors because this is just perfect! You can order this on Spehora.com and it costs about $19.

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