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Dior Golden Winter


Aaah, Dior! They do know how to make a gorgeous holiday collection! Golden Winter is their limited edition holiday collection and it's absolutely gorgeous. In this collection you can find nail polishes, lipsticks, eyeshadows,.. All in this beautiful packaging! You can read all about the nail polish called Minuit here

Marilyn is a deep red nail polish. It has micro golden shimmer that's barely noticeable on the nails. This polish applies like a dream! Each coat dries super fast and the color stays on for days without chipping! The packaging is also super adorable and a stand-out piece on your vanity for sure!

The lipstick is called Royale and it's a neutral pink with golden shimmer. Not the kind of glitter that would make you look all shiny and shimmery but that subtle glitter. This baby is so smooth and applies heavenly. As if I'm smearing butter all over my lips! The color stays for about 2 hours on my lips as long as I don't drink or eat anything. Packaging wise they get a big A+, love it! :)

Marilyn and Royale are part of the Golden Winter collection and are still available at Dior counters and online. This collection is beautiful and unique and definitely worth a spot in your collection!!

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