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Urban Decay Primer Potions


Today I wanted to talk about eyeshadow primers. More specific, Urban Decay's Primer Potions. UD has 4 varieties in these: original, Greed, Sin and Eden. I don't own Eden so I can't tell you much about that one. In my opinion, these are some of the best eyeshadow primers out there!

Urban Decay's Primer Potions come in tubes that look very magical and cute. Each tube contains 11ml. It's really easy to control and measure the amount of product that comes out of the tubes so you don't have to waste any product. It's also a lot more hygienic than the old packaging, which was with a wand applicator.

UD Primer Potion in Original
Original is the one I use all the time. It's a light beige color that looks nude on my eyelids, almost clear. I sometimes use it just to cover up veins on my eyelid but as a primer this stuff is great as well. It makes my eyeshadow stay in place literally the entire day. Even if I was sweating my eye-makeup always looks flawless.

UD Primer Potion in Greed
Greed is a shimmering yellow gold. It's very pigmented, so I only use this one with shimmering, pigmented eyeshadows, otherwise you might have Greed peeking through.

UD Primer Potion in Sin
Sin is a warm shimmering champagne shade. This looks great on its own or with eyeshadows on top. It's also super pigmented and I would only wear it with shimmering champagne eyeshadow colors.

Swatches of UD's Primer Potions in 'Original', 'Greed' & 'Sin'
Urban Decay's Primer Potions are hands down my holy grail eyeshadow primers. If I need my eye makeup to stay in place the entire day without creasing, this is definitely the one I'll go for! You can get your hands on one of these by ordering yours on beautybay.com. They cost €17,80 each and one tube contains 11ml. Tip: You can get an original twin pack for €33,30 and keep your eyes open for coupon codes!

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