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Unboxing: Deauty November 2013


Hi loves! My Deauty box arrived at my doorstep this morning! This month, the box is filled with products that are made in Belgium. AND every box has a value of €70 or more! I'm super happy that there are a pair of false lashes and glue in this month's box because I have been wanting to try out some false eyelashes for ages. Here's a list of this month's products:

Bee Nature Soap (Sample size)
Jean Marin Strip Lashes & Strip Lash Adhesive (Full size)
Rainpharma Day Cream (Full size, retails for about €53,95!!)
Corymer Effet Intense (Sample size)

On top of that, there were some coupons in this box. To be honest, I won't use any of them but it can be useful for others! The soap smells absolutely amazing, just like a jar of honey and I'm so exited to try out the facial cream!


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