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Soap & Glory: Hand Maid & Hand Food


When it comes to dry and chapped hands, this has been my favorite combination these days. Now that we're halfway through fall and it's getting really cold my hands need some extra hydration and these two babies do the trick. I use the Hand Maid first, which is a regular hand sanitizer and when that's all dried up I apply a little bit of Hand Food and my hands smell and feel amazing. They smell very floral and fruity, the scent makes me think a lot of my 'Miss Dior' perfume. The hand cleansing gel dries super fast and it doesn't leave a sticky feeling, just don't use too much of this product or it will get sticky. The same thing with the hand cream. If you use a tiny amount it won't feel too greasy but your hands will definitely feel the difference. Both of these products are available on soapandglory.com.

Soap & Glory Hand Maid £2,50 /50 ml
Soap & Glory Hand Food £5 /125ml

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