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Rimmel Scandaleyes Eye Shadow Paint


Rimmel has been adding a lot of cool stuff to their permanent line lately. I already did a review on their Moisture Renew lipsticks, Stay Matte Liquid Mousse Foundation and the new Colour Rush lip balms. Today I'm going to talk about their Scandaleyes liquid eyeshadow paint.

This eyeshadow comes in a tube and has a doe-foot applicator. It looks a lot like a lipgloss tube. One tube contains 7 ml. According to Rimmel these liquid eye shadows are supposed to last all day.

Rich Russet is a metallic chocolate brown. In some lights it looks cool-toned and in others it has a more warm/golden undertone. That's the cool thing about this shade. It looks differently depending on how the lighting is. 

These liquid cream shadows dry into a powdery finish. They apply very wet and rather thick. They dry really fast as well, giving you less then a minute to blend it out. The staying power of these is excellent. Once this eyeshadow is dry, it stays where you put it the entire day. 

Swatch of 'Rich Russet'

These are just another amazing product from Rimmel. If you're rushing out the door or you don't feel like putting too much effort into your eye-makeup then this is perfect! It's also an excellent base color for any eyelook. I ordered mine on asos.com and it cost me €4,04 instead of €6,73 since there's a sale going on right now on their Rimmel stuff, so definitely check it out!

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