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Essence Metal Glam Holiday Collection


One of the greatest things about autumn is all these different brands coming out with their holiday collections. Not only high-end companies but also drugstore brands such as Catrice and Essence. In Essence's case, they came out with a limited edition collection called Metal Glam which prepares us for the holidays. A collection full of sparkling gold and green and purple,... all with a metallic effect. There are some really cool items in this collection such as a cream blush, a gorgeous highlighter, beautiful eyeshadows,... But I limited myself to pick up only 2 items, a nail polish and eyeshadow.

Steel-ing The Scene is the eyeshadow that, based on the swatches made in store, caught my attention the most. There are 4 colors available, all very sparkly and festive. Steel-ing The Scene is a warm brown with a metallic and shimmering finish. The pigmentation is actually amazing. These eyeshadows are very smooth and velvety, almost like pressed pigments. It does have a sparkly overspray but underneath, the eyeshadow is still shimmery, they just don't have those chunks of glitter in them. It wore well on me the entire day without smudging or creasing. I didn't experience any fall-out as well. 

Swatch of 'Steel-ing The Scene'

I picked up a nail polish in the color Glamour Girls which is a cool toned greenish silver with a liquid metal effect. The application wand is so-so, it applies very streaky. I guess I should've known since it's a metallic nail polish, those tend to be streaky most of the times. The color is fab though. Something I don't have in my nail polish stash already and it's perfect for a holiday party! One thing I do like about the formula of Glamour Girls is that it dried super quick. Normally I have to sit on my lazy ass for over an hour before my nails are completely dry but this one dried within 20 minutes, awesome!

The Metal glam holiday collection is now available at Kruidvat. The eyeshadow was €2,59 (2,5g) and the nail polish €1,89 (8ml). If you happen to pass by a Essence stand, definitely check out this collection!

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