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On My Nails Today


On my recent trip to France I found a whole stand of Models Own products. I had heard about that brand a few times but never saw their products in real life. So, I took advantage of the opportunity and grabbed a nail polish in the color Grape Juice which is part of their Fruit Pastel collection. I know it's not really a fall color but I thought it looked beautiful so I bought it anyway! These nail polish are scented but to be honest, it smelled like a regular nail polish to me, so that was a disappointment. The application was average. It's very fluid so you tend to have nail polish everywhere on your nails (and next to it as well). The brush is one that I really like. It doesn't look very big but it spreads out on the nails, covering almost the whole nail. That's a real must for me because I don't like it when you have to apply too many strokes to cover up the nails, it tends to look streaky then. After two coats it was fully opaque and the color is absolutely gorgeous! I payed €5,99 for mine and it contains 14ml which is a whole lot of product!


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