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NYX Butter Glosses


The Butter glosses by NYX are by far some of the best lip glosses out there. To say that I am obsessed with these would be an understatement. Not being a fan of sticky glosses, MAC's glosses are just not my cup of tea. They're too sticky and I just don't really like the formula (except the Cremesheen ones). But these ones, they're just amazing.

For starters, they come in these little tubes and have the cutest names ever (they're all named after some sort of dessert). They have dough-foot applicators that don't pack on too much product. If you don't like products with a stronger scent then I would stay away from these. They have a very strong buttery caramel smell, so delicious!

All of these look very similar on the lips so you definitely don't need all of these, one would be sufficient :)

Swatches of NYX's Butter Glosses in 'Crème Brulee', 'Eclair' & 'Apple Strudel' 
If you're looking for a good lipgloss that's not too sticky, stays on for a long time and looks very natural, then the butter glosses are definitely for you! They are only $5 a piece and contain 8ml of product. I ordered mine on cherryculture.com :)

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