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New Rimmel Colour Rush Balms


I got so excited when I read that Rimmel was coming out with their own version of the famous 'chubby sticks' by Clinique. After Revlon, Covergirl, Bourjois,... Rimmel finally decided to join in on the hype. They are called the Colour Rush lip balms and come in 7 different shades.

These stick lip balms are twistable at the bottom and have a cool design with silver lettres. Rimmel claims that these are long lasting with an intense color. I can tell you for sure that they are not lying.

Give Me A Cuddle is one of the lightest and more natural shades from this range. It's a light pink that would look good on every skin-tone. 

Rumour Has It is a gorgeous berry red that's wearable all year round. 

They both have a shiny finish and are highly pigmented. The formulation is super creamy and they do a great job at moisturizing your lips. These lip balms tend to stain the lips which makes them super long lasting. After you had a drink or something to eat the shininess goes away but your lips are left with a beautiful stain. The staining can be a bit drying for the lips but you can just put a regular lip balm on top.

Left: Give Me A Cuddle / Right: Rumour Has It
I think both of these shades would look good on every skin tone. Most colors from this collection actually. They did a great job selecting these shades.

Give Me A Cuddle (100)
Rumour Has It (220)
The new Colour Rush balms are some of the best 'chubby stick' balms out there, definitely a hit for me. They are available on asos.com and will soon be for sale at the drugstore here in Belgium. They cost €8,07 each on asos.com and contain 2,5g of product.

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