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Maybelline Dr. Rescue Baby Lips


My biggest obsession & weakness, Baby Lips. Also the first thing that went on my US wishlist, more baby lips! More specific, Dr. Rescue Baby Lips, which you can't buy here in Belgium unfortunately.

The Dr. Rescue baby lips are medicated lip balms with a menthol scent. They all smell the same but have different colors. Except Soothing Sorbet & Berry Soft, they don't add a lot of color to the lips, more of a healthy shine. The menthol makes these babies feel super soft and fresh on the lips :) I love these just as much as the original ones, maybe even more!

Soothing Sorbet / Berry Soft / Pink Me Up / Coral Crave / Too Cool
If you're going to the US, or you know someone who is going, definitely try to get your hands on one of these! Perfect for colder days and so fun :)

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