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MAC Divine Night Lipsticks


MAC has released two new collection over the past weekend here in Belgium. Saturday it was the launch of the 'Divine Night' collection which consists of some really pretty lipsticks, eyeshadows, blushes, mineralize skin-finishes, etc... In today's post I wanted to show you the 2 lipsticks I got from this collection. 

First off, the packaging of this collection is very chic, they replaced what used to be silver with a golden color which is perfect for the holiday season. It just makes it look so luxurious and festive! 

The first one I got is called Flair For Finery and it's a light pink/nude with a cooler undertone. It's a lustre lipstick which happens to be my favorite formulation of MAC lipsticks. It's very smooth and a little bit sheer since it covers the lips with color but you can still see the natural lip coming through. I do have to say that this formulation tends to dry out the lips after one or two hours of wear, but just apply a moisturizing lip balm on top when that happens and it's just fine!

I also got Private Party which is a pretty plum/mauve shade. The color is very opaque and somewhat intense. It's a satin lipstick so it does have a satin sheen to it. I find that the satin lipsticks stay on the lips for a longer time and they don't really dry out the lips.

Left: Swatch of 'Fair For Finery' / Right: Swatch of 'Private Party'
'Flair For Finery'
'Private Party'
The Divine Night collection is limited edition and available at MAC counters or online. There are some really fab products in this collection so definitely check it out if you have the chance. The lipsticks retail for €20 each and contain 3g of product.

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