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Lush Tea Tree Toner Water


I saw this Tea Tree toner water pass by on a few blogs and on youtube and I always heard great things about it. So on my last little trip to Lush I grabbed one to try it out. I got a small bottle since I didn't know how my skin would react to it, but now I'm regrading that decision. I'm already halfway through my first bottle. This stuff is amazing! 

For those of you who are unfamiliar with Tea Tree water, it's made out of an Australian plant, called "Melaleuca Alternifolia". It was used by the original inhabitants of eastern Australia. They inhaled the oils from the leaves which helped them get rid of coughs and colds. They also soaked the leaves to make an infusion which helped against soar throats and skin ailments.

I spray it on before I apply my moisturizer, about 3-4 sprays. You can spray it on a cotton pad or diffuse it directly onto your face, which is what I prefer. I let it dry for about a minute before applying my moisturizer. It feels super fresh on the skin and it smells very spa-like. This spray helps kill all the bacteria that can cause clogged pores and pimples. And above all that, Lush's products are all vegan, which can sometimes be good for the skin, especially if it's breaking out.

The Tea Tree toner water is available in 2 different sizes. A little bottle of 100g will cost you €5,55 and a bigger one with 250g costs €11,65.

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