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Etude House Sweet Recipe Baby Choux Base

Etude House Sweet Recipe Baby Choux Base in '02 Berry Choux'
Etude House is a Korean cosmetics brand that is well known across the globe for its amazing packaging and marketing. They have the cutest advertisement and equally cute packaging. This Base is part of their Sweet Recipe collection that launched a couple of months ago and it's also the first product I'm reviewing from them. 

This base comes in the cutest little jar ever! The collection is inspired by French pastries and so is the idea of this product (light, whipped texture like the cream in pastries). It comes with a little spoon, which isn't the most hygienic ever. However, they changed the packaging of this base not so long ago, now it's in a tube which is way more hygienic.

This base comes in 3 varieties: Mint Choux, Berry Choux and Peach Choux. I got the second one in Berry Choux, which is actually for pale skin since it has a pinkish undertone to it (not that I'm that pale actually). This base has an SPF25, which is amazing! Berry Choux is not a clear base, so I wouldn't recommend it to people with darker skintones. For me, it works and I'm an NC25. 

It has a light artificial berry scent but it doesn't linger on the skin. The texture is creamy and whipped. Sometimes I did notice grainy texture but that didn't bother me. You definitely don't need a lot of this product, a few dabs will cover your whole face.

It blurs out the imperfections perfectly and does make my foundation look less cakey in some areas. However it does not make my makeup last longer and it doesn't control my shininess.

Overall, I think this is a grate base for foundation or BB cream and since it has an SPF20 you could wear this just by itself :) The packaging looks super adorable on your vanity as well, so that's a plus! Etude House is one of my favorite brands and I just love everything they have! You can order Etude House on roseroseshop. This jar contains 25g of product, which is quite a lot and retails for about €10!

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