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Essence On The Catwalk Lipstick (Dupe Alert!)


Dupe alert! So remember when I talked to you about the Bobbi Brown lip color in the shade 'Berry'? Well, I found a drugstore dupe :) It's Essence's 'On The Catwalk'.

On The Catwalk is a beautiful deep red/berry shade. It has a shiny finish and leaves your lips with a stain after a couple of hours. It glides on the lips and feels very smooth and creamy. This lipstick does not survive drinks or food but it does leave your lips with a beautiful stain that lasts for hours.

Comparison: Berry has a more buttery texture than On The Catwalk. It's a tad bit darker and has a less shiny finish. It also has a better lasting power. On The Catwalk contains 3,8g of product and Berry 3,4g. For €2,39 you can't go wrong with Essence's version!

I really like this range of lipsticks. You can read my review about the shades 'Coral Calling' and 'Natural Beauty' here. They cost €2,39 each :)

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