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E.l.f. Lipstick & Lip Balm Tint


Hello loves. I got the amazing chance to try out some e.l.f. goodies for you guys! I decided to divide this into 3 posts, starting with the lip products today. I got a lipstick and tinted lip balm, both from the Essentiel line. This line carries everything you need for a complete makeup look (they got you covered from eyes to lips to face), all budget-friendly (most items are only €1!).

Okay, so the packaging of the lipstick looks and feels a a bit cheap but I certainly don't mind! It doesn't twist up very smooth and you have to be careful when closing this since the lipstick comes out of the packaging a little bit.

I got the lipstick in the color Charming. These lipsticks retail for only €1 each, which is rather surprising because they are really good. Charming is a neutral pink that goes with any look. I wouldn't call it a nude color but it's very versatile. I am madly in love with this shade! It has a shiny finish and it feels super comfortable on the lips. It only takes 1 to 2 swipes to cover your lips, it's that pigmented. As long as you don't drink or eat this lipstick will stay on your lips for hours. Unfortunately it doesn't survive any snacks. But for €1 I just re-apply and don't mind! :) It didn't dry my lips out at all, on a-contrary, it softens my lips.

Another thing I love about this lipstick (besides it being so inexpensive and gorgeous) is how it adds enough color to your lips and still looks natural and healthy.

Swatch of e.l.f. lipstick in 'Charming'

The next lip product I got is a tinted lip balm. I don't know what it is about tinted lip balms but I always fall for them. I already have way too much lip balms in my makeup stash and still I ordered another one, oops! These lip balms come in a tiny plastic container and a white lid that screws of. It's in the color Grapefruit which is a classic sheer red. 

The formulation of these is thick and creamy and the color-payoff is actually really good for a tinted lip balm, wasn't expecting that! Since the formulation is rather thick, this stays on my lips for the longest time.

Swatch of e.l.f. lip balm tint in 'Grapefruit'
I really like both of these products. Besides the packaging, they're super great and affordable. Charming is definitely my favorite out of these two and I think it will be on my lips a lot these next couple of weeks! You can get both of these products by going to the e.l.f. website. The lipstick costs €1 and the lip balm tint €2,50.

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