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E.L.F. Geometric 36 Piece Eyeshadow Book & Eyelid Primer


Today I wanted to share with you the second part of the e.l.f. goodies. Yesterday I started with the lips and today I wanted to post about eye products. I got 2 eye-related items, a palette and an eyelid primer. The palette is called the Geometric Eyeshadow Book and it's from their Studio line. The Eyelid Primer is from their Essentiel line.

The Geometric eyeshadow book contains 36 beautiful colors. It comes in a palette shaped like a book and has a big mirror and two dual-ended eyeshadow brushes inside. To be honest, I never use brushes that come with eyeshadow palettes, but they're great for beginners. My palette doesn't really close, the magnet isn't strong enough but I don't mind. The Geometric eyeshadow book costs €6.

I like how they divided the colors into 6 combinations. If you're out of inspiration you can just use a combo that's already made for you. Of course you can just mix everything if you like. There are a lot of neutral toned colors in this palette, which is exactly what I like! Most of the shadows are highly pigmented, except the matte ones. Those tend to be chalky and not so pigmented. When I was swatching these, I noticed their soft and smooth formula. If I rubbed to hard I ended up with a a little hole in the shadows, so be careful with your brushes, don't push too hard.

All the colors were easy to work with and blend. I didn't have any fall-out when I was applying them and didn't experience that during the day either. These shadows didn't crease and stayed in place the entire day, using my e.l.f. eyelid primer that only costs €1 (more on that below)!!!

The swatches didn't come of so easily when I was washing my arm :)

E.l.f. Geometric Eyeshadow Book swatches 
E.l.f. Geometric Eyeshadow Book swatches

The eyelid primer comes in a lipgloss-like tube with a doe-foot applicator. Mine is in the shade 'Sheer'. I'm totally digging this primer. It super blendable, dries fast and makes my eyeshadow stay in place the entire day without creasing. And all of that for only €1! That's insane :)

Swatch of the E.l.f. eyelid primer

I used the eyelid primer & Geometric palette
I like both of these products and they seem to work really well together. You can get them by surfing to their online webshop. The palette costs €6 and the eyelid primer only €1!

PS: I hired an assistant! What do you think? He was more annoying then helpful, luckily he's cute :)

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