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Dior Minuit Vernis


Before I begin to ramble on and on about how I'm obsessed with this new nail polish from Dior, can we please please please take a moment and admire this adorable and equally beautiful packaging?! I mean... Just like everything else from the Golden Winter collection, the packaging is to die for. And what's even more amazing, what's inside is really great as well. This is the first nail polish I have ever tried from this brand and I can't say enough good things about it. 

I would describe Minuit as Chanel's classic Rouge Noir with micro golden glitter. It's a deep plum that can look almost black but depending on how the lighting is it can look more reddish and purple as well. The applicator is not super large but it isn't really thin either, it was perfect. I applied 2 layers and each of them dried relatively fast. I would recommend using a base coat since Minuit can really accentuate any ridges you might have on your nails. Also, it doesn't have the most shining finish so I do suggest applying a top coat. Besides that, this one of the most amazing nail polishes I tried so far. Minuit is also the perfect holiday celebration color, love love love!

Minuit vernis polish is now available at Dior counters and online. It retails for €24,50 and each nail polish contains 12ml (!).


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