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Bobbi Brown Berry Lip Color


Hi angels! Hope everything is well. In today's post I wanted to show you a beautiful lipstick from Bobbi Brown, called Berry which is part of their Rich Chocolate fall limited edition collection. I already reviewed a blush from this collection and I really liked it. I'm getting into my berry lip colors this fall, although I wouldn't wear it just to go to class or something like that. 

Berry is a lighter raspberry pink with a more cool undertone to it. It's very creamy and smooth and it dries into a semi-matte finish. It covers the lips pretty well but it doesn't look fully opaque, it still had the slightest transparency to it. It stayed on my lips for nearly 6 hours and even survived a lunch (which was spaghetti, so that's amazing!) and drinks. In the meanwhile it didn't dry my lips out but it didn't hydrate my lippies when they were extra thirsty either. 

Swatch of Bobbi Brown lip color in 'Berry'

I was pleasantly surprised with the quality of this lipstick. It has a great lasting power, the color is gorgeous and the formula is super creamy and smooth. Considering this lipstick will cost you €25 it shouldn't be a surprise actually. One lipstick contains 3,4g and it's available on the Douglas website.

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