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Urban Decay Shattered Face Case


Urban Decay is probably my favorite makeup brand, ever. Not once have they let me down. The packaging is always original and edgy, the products have great quality, the price is reasonable,... I just love everything about this brand. For today's review I have the Shattered Face Case which came out very recently. In this palette you can find everything you need to add a little color to the face. It contains 5 eyeshadows, 2 blushes, a highlighter, a travel-size eye pencil and a a lip color. Since I am constantly traveling between home and Ghent (the city where I study) palettes like these come in very handy.

The packaging is purple paired with a shattered diamond top. It has two layers, the one on top with the eyeshadows and eye pencil and the one below with the blushes, highlighter and lip color.

The eyeshadows each contain 0,8g and the colors are very natural looking. "Bleach" and "Minor Sin" have the lowest pigmentation but they're not bad. The eye pencil is in "Zero" which is a plain black, just what I like. This is one the first eyeliners that stays on my waterline the entire day, glad I have finally found that. The eyeshadows blended well together and they don't crease or smudge throughout the day. They do have a little fall-out when you're applying them (which a lot of the UD eyeshadows have) so do keep a tissue underneath your eyes when putting these on your eyelid.

The blushes each contain 2,8 g and the highlighter 1,5g. "Overexposed" is slightly more pigmented than "Temper" but they're both amazing. I used "Overexposed" in the picture below and it stayed on my cheeks the ENTIRE day! I also used the highlighter which is one of the most beautiful highlighter I have tried so far. It has a more golden undertone which makes it look a lot more natural. 

Swatches of Urban Decay Shattered Face Case
On my lips: Super-Saturated lip color in "Lovechild"
On my face: all the eyeshadows (except "Remix"), "Glint" highlighter & "Overexposed" blush
I love how this palette has everything you need in one, perfect to just throw in your bag and go out the door. The amount of product is also amazing, especially for a palette. This palette is available online and costs about €37, such a recommendation! 

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