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RiRi ♥ MAC


When I first saw the promotional pictures from this collection, I knew I would not skip this one. I also knew that it would be really difficult to get my hands on them and that I had to work fast. So when the collection launched here in Belgium, everything that I was interested in was sold out by the time I went to their online shop. But a few days later I went to a MAC store in Knokke and ta-da! There was a whole stand of RiRi goodies! Apart from a couple lipsticks, they still had everything in store! So I grabbed the blush that I really wanted and my mom got the eyeshadow palette.

I am just absolutely in love with the packaging from this collection! A rose-gold packaging with Rihanna's signature. I am not the biggest Rihanna fan, but I sure am a big fan of her MAC collection. The down-side of the packaging is that you easily see fingerprints on it, but I'm not bothered that much by it.

The blush is called Bad Girl Gone Good and it's a pretty warm copper, the perfect blush color for fall. It adds a nice bronzed look to the face and with the little hints of shimmer it instantly brightens your complexion. This is a blush that I think would look good on fair skintones but also on darker colored skin-types. It's a satin blush with a powdery finish. The application was very easy since it blended perfectly onto my cheeks. It stayed in place the entire time. THE perfect blush! 

Swatch of Riri ♥ MAC blush in "Bad Girl Gone Good"

The palette my mom picked up is in Her Cocoa and it's the lightest palette of the two. It has some nice bronze, copper and golden shades in it. You can make a gorgeous eye-look just using this palette since the colors look really nice together. I find that the shadows blended nicely together and they didn't crease or smudge. I also didn't experience any fall-out, maybe because they're not SUPER pigmented. Don't get me wrong, the quality is amazing and they are pigmented, but it's not outstanding. Maybe it's just because I'm too spoiled with my UD eyeshadows ;)

Swatches of RiRi ♥ MAC eyeshadow palette in "Her Cocoa" 
Wearing the blush and eyeshadow :)
The Bad Girl Gone Good blush and Her Cocoa eyeshadow palette are part of the RiRi ♥ MAC limited edition collection and are still available in select MAC stores. The blush costs €22 (6g) and the eyeshadow palette retails for €42 (5,6g).

I love this collection. Not only is the packaging SUPER adorable but the product itself is amazing with great quality.

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