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RiRi ♥ MAC (Part 2)


For today's review I have some more RiRi ♥ MAC goodies! I did a review on the blush and eyeshadow palette in part 1 and now it's time for the cream colour base and blush/bronzer duo. I can't get over how cute the packaging is and just the whole collection in general is amazing. The colors are gorgeous, the quality is amazing, ... Love, love, love!

Hibiscus Kiss is a bronzer and blush combo. You can use them separately or mix them together to create a beautiful peach colored blush. The pigmentation is great, it's easy to blend, longlasting and the colors work nicely together. Maybe the bronzer would be a little bit too dark on lighter skin-tones though, but the blush works on every skin-tone.

Love how it has Rihanna's signature engraved in the product! It adds that nice little extra touch :)

Swatch of RiRi ♥ MAC "Hibiscus Kiss" (Bronzer / Blush / mixed)

The cream colour base is called Diamonds, named after one of her songs. It's the first time I ever tried a cream highlight and I quite like it. It's a golden cream with champagne colored shimmer. The shimmer particles are rather large, it has some big chunks of sparkle. Normally that's not really my cup of tea but now that summer has ended I don't mind it actually. It adds a gorgeous dewy finish to the skin. I applied it with my fingertips but you could opt to use a brush as well. It blends easily and has a more wet and shiny finish. The color pay-off is average, just what I like in a highlight, nothing too exaggerating. It stayed on my face the entire day but I noticed by the end of the night that it started looking a bit oily and greasy in stead of healthy and dewy. But maybe that's just because of my complexion and skin-type. 

Swatch of RiRi ♥ MAC "Diamonds"
Wearing "Hibiscus Kiss" (bronzer & blush separate) and "Diamonds"
The RiRi ♥ MAC fall collection is still available in select stores for a limited time. The cream colour base in "Diamonds" retails for €19,50 (5g) and the powder blush in "Hibiscus Kiss" costs €27,50 (10,5g). 

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