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Pupa Luminys Baked Blush In Gold Desert Pink

Pupa Like A Doll Luminys Blush €10,80 (in Italy, here: €23,65) for 3,5g
This is another beauty product I bought whilst I was in Italy. Pupa was a brand that I was pretty unfamiliar with and now it's one of my favorite brands. They have amazingly good products, although I would never buy their products here, the price difference is just too crazy!?

The Luminous effect baked blushes are new to their collection and are supposed to give your face a dewy look, just like a doll. The packaging is adorable and chic and it feels rather expensive. I like how it's clear on the top so you can easily see the color.

Swatch of "Gold Desert Pink" blush
Gold Desert Pink (202) is a baby-doll pink with hints of golden shimmer. It applies easy and blends effortlessly, just use a light hand. It stays on my cheeks the entire day and it illuminates my face, giving it a radiant look.

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