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Pupa Glossy Nail Polish


Hi lovelies! For today's post I wanted to show you what's on my nails. It's Pupa's glossy nail polish in Wild Pink which is a darker pink/nude. I'm so in love with this color and it's a perfect shade for fall. However, I didn't really like how it applies. The brush of the applicator is super small so you need between 5-7 strokes to get it right. I prefer bigger brushes because after 2 or 3 strokes it looks flawless and not as streaky. It needed two coats to look fully opaque and I do have to say that I like the consistency. It's not too watery and not too dry either, it's the perfect in between. I'll keep you guys updated on the long-lasting part but it looks promising! 

Pupa Glossy Nail Polish in "Wild Pink" (205) €6,50/5ml.


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