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Pupa Cream Eyeshadow In Champagne


My most used and beloved Maybelline color tattoos have just been replaced by this cream eyeshadow. Never would I have thought that there was a better drugstore version of cream eyeshadows out there but Pupa's Vamp version definitely is!

The color I picked up is Champagne (100) and well, like the name suggests, it's a warm champagne shade. Perfect for everyday wear and very natural. They are SO SO SO pigmented and after application you could go over it with your fingers and nothing would come off, it's amazing. Because it stays on the lid like that it can be a bit tricky to blend, you just have to work fast with this one.

Wearing Pupa's cream eyeshadow in "Champagne" and in my crease I'm wearing MAC's "Woodwinked"
Pupa's cream eyeshadow costs around €15 (not sure) and for that you get 4,5g.

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