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Online Shopping Tip: Save Money With Solden.be


My biggest addiction and weakness: shopping online. I can find literally everything online. It's just too easy, clicking on a button, checking out and having it delivered to your doorstep a few days later. But one thing I rarely do is buy something online the full price. I subscribe to every newsletter from all my favorite online shopping stores so when they have a sale going on or a coupon code or free shipping, I'll be the first to know. But subscribing to all those newsletters can stuff your inbox full of junk that you can't do anything with. That's when sites like Solden.be come in handy! No need to subscribe to anything, no annoying newsletters or anything like that. Simply go to this website and you can find all the sales and coupon codes gathered on one single website. You could opt to subscribe to their newsletter, that way you'll never miss an offer and you're sure your inbox won't be filled with "crap" from all those different sites.

On Solden.be you can find coupon codes and offers for more than 400 shops that deliver to Belgium. Ranging from fashion to beauty to electronics to animal supplies, you can find everything you could possibly need.

Just to give you guys an example: Zalando, one of my favorite stores to shop online. Well, you can find a coupon on their website which gives you 10% off your entire purchase. That's crazy! To give you some inspiration I made a wish-list of all the things I would buy if I had an unlimited budget (A girl can dream, right?).

I hope this post gave you some inspiration and ideas to save money whilst shopping online and that it will come in great use someday :)


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