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NYC Applelicious Glossy Lip Balm In Big Apple Red


It's safe to say that these lip balms from NYC are my newest obsession. Although I prefer my Baby Lips I have been reaching for these a lot lately. The first one I picked up was in Caramel Apple (full review) and it wasn't really love at first sight. It took some time before the apple scent came through and it was not so soft in the beginning, but now I'm just in love with it! So, on my last visit to the drugstore I grabbed a second one.

This time I went for Big Apple Red. The apple smell was immediately there, unlike the previous one. This shade just adds a nice sheer red-ish tint to the lips and it's so soft and smooth. It has the same pro's & cons as the other one, so that's a good thing as well. The only downside is definitely the lack of SPF. I like it when my lip products have SPF in them, especially tinted lip balms.

Swatch of NYC's "Big Apple Red"

These lip balms are definitely worth every cent. They only cost €2,79 which is a bargain if you ask me!

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