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Korres Jasmine Lip Butter


Lip balms, lip gloss, lip sticks,... You name it, if it's for the lips, I have to have it! I am the biggest lip balm hoarder, EVER! That, and blushes. Oh and maybe concealers as well! Korres was a brand that I had never tried before but it's highly raved and hyped about in the online beauty community. I ordered my lip butter on lookfantastic.com for €9,77 (10ml). I thought that Jasmine was the scent it had, but when I first opened it, it smelled like coffee and cookies. After some research, it turns out that jasmine is the color and not the scent, how stupid of me!

This beauty essential adds a nice sheen to the lips with a little hint of nude/pink color. I find that it doesn't really heal chapped lips, but it does a great job at keeping your lips hydrated throughout the day. This product becomes so creamy and smooth when it gets in contact with your fingers and it feels so good on the lips. Korres uses all natural ingredients and with a mixture of Shea butter and rice wax this smooths out the lips like crazy. 


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