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Falling For Fall With Essie's Vested Interest


I have been getting into fall mood lately and I'm loving it! Fall is my favorite season because everything gets cosy again and it means that christmas is just around the corner. I can wear my boots again and pull my jackets out of the closet. And with a new season come new trends and colors and an excuse to buy more things I really don't need ;)

"Vested Interest" is my second fall nail polish purchase (the first one was UD's Vice) and it's part of Essie's fall 2013 collection. It's a olive green / grey / blue shade (it's hard to determine which is the basic color, green or blue?). It applied very easy and after two coats it looked fully opaque. This lasted for about 4 days on my nails before it started chipping, which is normal with Essie nail polishes. It made me think a lot of Essie's "School of hard rocks" which I own and actually looks almost identical (SOHR has more of a grey-ish undertone). 


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